Micronutrients in Health and Disease

Popular and more known Diseases, Disorders, Disabilities due to lack of micronutrients


Disease Nutrient(s) Rationale
Anaemia, microcytic Iron Increased need in high–risk groups (e.g., pregnant adolescents)
Anaemia, pernicious Vitamin B12 Elderly individuals, post gastrectomy patients
Burn injury Vitamins A, D & E; carotenoids; selenium, zinc, copper Low blood levels; increases needed to support immune function
Celiac sprue Vitamins D, E & K; B–vitamins; iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium Restricted diet increases risk for deficiency
Congestive heart failure Thiamine, magnesium Loss due to diuretics may further compromise cardiac function
Cystic fibrosis Vitamins A, D, E, K & C; selenium, zinc Malabsorption, low blood levels; greater oxidative stress
Eating disorders Multivitamin/mineral, calcium, vitamin D Poor intake; evidence of deficiency; reversal of osteoporosis in patients with anorexia nervosa
End–stage kidney disease B–vitamins, vitamin C Losses due to dialysis treatment
Inflammatory bowel disease Beta–carotene, vitamins C, D & E; selenium, zinc Malabsorption
Macular degeneration C, E, beta–carotene; zinc, copper, lutein Reduction of oxidative stress in the macula; some evidence of benefit in clinical trials
Osteoporosis Calcium, vitamin D Elderly individuals; persons on long–term corticosteroid treatment