“Before the Pharmaceutical (medicine) pill”

Deccan Health Care’s Food Pills are a proven, safe, and effective alternative to manage, cure, reverse, many life restricting diseases disorders and disabilities.


World class healthcare in your hands

Our goal is to provide products and services that make a positive impact on our consumers. As a result, we strive to improve the quality of our products, packaging and operations worldwide.

We establish a well-defined quality assurance and quality control system. Our quality management system focuses on continual improvement aimed at optimizing processes and eliminating non-value-adding efforts in production. These efforts are primarily directed towards reducing variability in process and product quality characteristics.

Excellence in Quality System

The quality team ensures uniform standards at every stage of the production– from the selection of raw material suppliers to the control of the finished products. They conduct tests and certify every batch produced (certificate of compliance, analytical certificate, etc.) with an extremely high degree of teamwork throughout the company—with a common goal of quality.

We focus on areas where we can make a positive impact- meet or exceed the requirements of all environmental laws and regulations. We use environmentally sound practices. We also cooperate with governments in analysing environmental issues and developing cost-effective, scientifically based solutions and standards.