We are embracing the best technology and partnerships that leverage the power of our exemplary structure to develop new nutritional solutionsoffering the benefits, integrity and relevancy to consumers.


Developing Super-Critical Extraction for demanding separation and material processing

From entry level extractors to research grade and pilot scale systems, we combine leading edge technologies with highly customizable designs to manufacture a range of products that meet consumer needs.

Our extraction system is designed to ensure highly precise, repeatable results, while also focusing on safety, durability, and adaptability for use in research, as well as a variety of specialized customer applications.

The promise of bringing nutritional healthcare with pharmaceutical regulatory compliances

As a company that was started by a scientist, Deccan Health Care fosters a culture where scientific pharmaceutical temperament is rooted in our people and our approach to manufacture Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Continuing to ensure all regulatory requirements for testing, approval, manufacturing, labelling and marketing of ourfoodproducts. Deccan Health Care’s manufacturing unit complies with WHO-GMP, ISO:9001:2008, FSSAI, AYUSH, USP Certification, SGI Certification, German Certification among other compliances.

Getting Food Pills just right

Due to its unique functional capabilities and full compliance with the human body, Food Pills may be composed of gelatin depending upon product development requirement. We constantly work on new formulations to accommodate specific fills, develop new types of Food Pills such as delayed release or chewable capsules, or to reduce costs.

Creating a Food Pill delivery system that fulfills the latest specifications and end-use requirements is a complex and highly challenging process. We are getting the formulation just right, while ensuring production efficiency and effective active ingredient delivery, Deccan Health Care has an in-depth knowledge of the Food Pill market and its production process.

Pioneering delivery methods

Deccan Health Care’s manufacturing unit has full range portfolio of softgels, hardshell capsules, liquid orals, tablets, topical, powder.

Our manufacturing pipeline develops over time as new nutrition progresses from innovation to development and from development to the market.