Our Founder

The story of Minto Purshotam Gupta is above an exemplary story of success and lessons through innovation, design and operational excellence. Although met with scepticism at the outset, his dream is now the emerging subject of admiration and respect.

Forward-Thinker. A pioneer

Born in a well to do family of researchers and doctors, at an early age he helped his father provide medical care and distribute medicines to those in need. Little did he understand the visionary significance of what he did. He received an MSc Bio-Chemistry at the University of Mumbai before beginning his career. His background includes research and management posts with Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, where his corporate ambitions were fired. He established his career in the year 1981 with the Tata Group, Rallis, culminating to Marketing Controller- Vice President. Prior to forming Deccan Health Care, he served SOL Pharmaceuticals Limited as a President, directing over 2000 employees, instituting the company’s global presence under his leadership. Among several initiatives, he introduced the concept of corporatization along with creating new brands and services.

Innovate. A visionary

Bio-scientist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Minto Purshotam Gupta’s passion to unlock the nutritive and healing power of food and his pioneering contributions to making healthcare accessible are transforming wellness. As a dreamer, exploring new avenues, he carried out research study for Chemical Physics Group at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, where the seeds of his lifelong aspiration for healthcare were sown in. In 1996, he decided to strike out on his own and established the company with a purpose to bring medicines at a price the common man can afford. With a dream to create a healthcare company that stands proud and tall, he worked on his passion in research and development of Food Pills, to eradicate micronutrient deficiency and reduce the risk of over hundred diseases afflicting mankind. As early as 1998, he had written his vision: “to move health care from curative medicines to preventive supplements”.

Persuasive. A conqueror

By always thinking of how to serve the consumer first, in 2003 he decided to restructure the company and create a fast-moving consumer healthcare products industry. His business was underway, but the risk was huge. Keen to innovate a pill that bridges the gap between the food we should eat and food we actually eat, he launched OxyflaxTM in 2008 as his first Food Pill. This Food Pill is a vegetarian source of Omega-3 developed using super-critical extraction. Expanding with a philosophy that everyone has a full quality of life– regardless of where they were born or live and their purchasing power, in 2010, Deccan Health Care set up its innovation centre and manufacturing unit. A strong believer of, “there is no success without failure. When you’re pursuing ground-breaking innovations, setbacks go with the territory – unless you have the courage to fail, you’ll never be successful. Innovation is about taking risks and accepting failure.” While on its progressive track, Deccan Health Care was challenged by a natural calamity in June 2013, the manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand was adversely impacted by floods and devastation. Overcoming adversity, under his leadership, the company has been demonstrating strength scaling up to what Deccan Health Care is now- the emerging leader.

Redefining healthcare and wellness. An articulate reformer

As he is building the global company, Minto Purshotam Gupta ensures that he shares his success and lessons with the people. He does not see the larger purpose of his healthcare business as being very different from the social enterprise that he is structuring. Among several initiatives, he set up the Deccan Training Academy (DTA) to help young people learn skills, secure gainful employment and become contributing members of society. Today, remaining true to his passion, he believes that food holds the multitudes of nutrients and energies within its ingredients and is going to great lengths to innovate this power.