We keep the consumer at the heart of everything we do. Since 1996, we have built a rich heritage of improving consumers’ Quality of Life (QOL) with food pills and nutritional solutions. Our focus is on consumers, that is why we develop products blending the art of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with the science of pharmaceutical manufacturing compliances.

Nutrition rooted in art and science

We believe achieving Quality of Life to its fullest is as simple as eating an apple every day. A well-known proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is still of significance today. Building our ideology on this proverb, we work hard every day to make quality products and services that help people live life up to its full potential every day, lifelong.

Quality Of Life (QOL) lies at the heart of our philosophy. We divide life into four consumer innovation categories based on age or life of 32000 days with each life stage of 8000 days.

Life stage IV: Retirement to end, last 8000+/- days of life (Vanaspat Ashram) – by the time people reach this stage they are suffering from one to multiple diseases and are burdened with a lot of medical expenses – our simple nutraceutical intervention, we are reaching these patients through customers who are engaging these patients. These customers include hospitals, clinics, institutions, doctors, wellness clinics among others. The customers stock and sell.

Life stage III: Midlife to retirement, third 8000 days (Grihast Ashram end phase)–this is the most challenging phase of life is most cases. When Stress and tension is at peak the body is ignored and disease set in. We address this stage by reaching the consumer directly through wellness promoters. These wellness promoters visit house to house to help consumers understand the benefit of investing in long life. The company’s webstore serves the customer orders.

Life stage II: Graduation to midlife, second 8000 days (Start of Grihast Ashram) – in the modern society generation-y is technologically, educationally advanced and a logical knowledge-based decision maker. This population is aware and realizes the importance of health and practices preventive healthcare. We reach these consumers through social media and serve orders through m-commerce.

Life stage I: Birth to graduation, first 8000 days (Bramacharya Ashram) – to be shared by Deccan Health Care in the future.